THIRD CULTURE KID on July 13th, 2010

Which kind of TCK were you? Were you one that sunk yourself into every culture that you lived in. Or, like me, did you see the sojourn in your host culture as a mere interruption in real life?
This post is about regrets that come when I realised my Nigerian sojourn was, and is, an intrinsic part of my life.

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THIRD CULTURE KID on July 1st, 2009

Tweet Memories, you say? Well, I have plenty. But they are mixed up and out of focus. Besides, they aren’t all for public viewing. Like the one of the verandah bordered by leafy trees where the teachers used to gossip. This was the scene of a childhood misdemeanor, and one of the few times my […]

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THIRD CULTURE KID on September 26th, 2008

Tweet How reliable are memories? Africa empty sky dun earth plain dwellings few chairs broken cars hot sun dusty cities picked pockets Africa timeless space rolling plains shining faces cheerful voices jewel clothes open arms fragrant stew fading memories © 2008 S D Haydon Acknowledgment is made of the assistance received as an Adelaide Centre […]

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