Perhaps more than all the verbiage ever written, likes and dislikes provide the best window into a person’s world.

This is a list that will morph, continuously, so please keep checking back!

I decided that I’d add to this list slowly, as I experience those ‘aha!’ moments of recognition as simple acts, like eating a mango, trigger memories of intense fondness – or hate.

Here goes.



Things that I think of when I want to treat myself. Indulge myself.

Iced Mochaa la traditional Aussie iced coffee, or the McCafe-style frappe, without cream, but with the essential chocolate topping dribbled on and through it.

Haigh’s Dark-chocolate & MarzipanI’m sure it has an official name. Rather pricey, but to die-for. One of my Adelaide-acquired tastes, along with the iced mocha above. Haigh’s are a local Adelaide chocolate factory:

Mangoes. But not any mangoes. The ones that have a distinct warm, tangy fragrance, that shouts ‘eat me!’ – to me, anyway! 5th Oct, 2010: Just picked a single such one from a pile of very un-fragrant mangoes. Yum!

Jackfruit. Fully-ripe. I acquired this taste, along with mangoes, in my earliest years. My grandfather’s house, where we lived, had a huge jackfruit tree in the front yard. These days I keep buying tins of jack-fruit from the local Asian supermarket. Most tins disappoint – their contents aren’t ripe enough. But, occasionally, one strikes gold. Yes, Jackfruit stinks. But I love it!


Oranges I don’t precisely dislike them. And I love orange slices coated in chocolate. And orange-flavoured drinks and things. But I’m not a fan of eating oranges as they are. Strange…

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