Introducing Heidi Sand-Hart and her soon-to-be-released book ‘Home Keeps Moving‘!

The book will be available from July 23rd on and

You can order a signed copy directly through Heidi (at or at (if you have paypal).

I’m going to buy this one the moment it hits the stores!

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Home Keeps Moving‘ is published by McDougal, and follows Heidi and her missionary family on their many moves through the eyes of a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and the unique phenomena of having four very different home countries to relate to. It tells the true story of being catapulted from continent to continent constantly: leaving friends and starting all over again, her unquenchable search for a home and sense of belonging in this world, her desire for a life-partner with the odds all but against her due to constantly relocating (even into adulthood). You will laugh and cry along with Heidi as she recounts hilarious and heart-breaking tales from her childhood as West blends with East. That is the true beauty of Heidi’s upbringing, it crossed borders and defied logic but she lacked for nothing.

‘Home Keeps Moving’ tackles subjects such as Confused Loyalties, Swimming in Two cultural oceans, Home, Grief, Education, Social Pressures, Religion, Expectation, Re-Entry, Delayed Adolescent Rebellion, and Relationships.

To read Heidi’s blog, visit

Note: All the information above is taken either from Heidi’s blog, or her publisher’s website.

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