Here’s one for the kids – nothing to do with being a TCK, but just ‘cos it’s fun and I feel like posting it!

Last night, when I went to bed,
I really did try
to tell my Dad the awful truth –
I hoped he wouldn’t cry.
‘Dad,’ I said, ‘A monster lives
underneath my bed!’
‘Oh!’ he said, and flicked the switch,
‘It’s all inside your head!’

I waited for what seemed like hours;
finally, he came –
that hairy, scary, horrible beast –
I still don’t know his name.
His hungry mouth and yellow teeth
glinted in the dark.
‘Hey, Monster-man!’ I said to him,
‘Let’s snack before we start!’

He gibble-gobbled down a treat
and turned the music on.
We jumped and rapped and boogie-woogied
almost until dawn.
Now, how do I explain to Dad
that TWO pairs of his shoes
are squeezed inside a monster’s tum –
can you give me some clues?

© 2008 S D Haydon. Acknowledgment is made of the assistance received as an Adelaide Centre for the Arts TAFE SA student in developing this poem.


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