Two Sundays ago I finally got to listen to and meet someone that I have considered, for some time, to be one of the greatest Christian worship musicians of our era: Geoff Bullock.

If you’ve been around contemporary Christian worship music for a while, especially in Australia, you are probably familiar with his songs like ‘The Power of Your Love’, ‘You Rescued Me’, and ‘Just Let Me Say’.

Geoff is a musician who has been there, done that, had it all crash down around him… and gone on amazingly since.

Though he probably would not think that he has gone on amazingly. We found a humble man. A high achiever, coming from a family of high achievers. A great musician – I would be well pleased if I could tinkle the ivories with a tenth of his ability. And he is a brilliant song writer with a beautiful voice.

We didn’t have to pay a cent. It was in a small church in lil’ old Adelaide, and he wasn’t there just to perform, just to lead us in worship, or act as a channeling mechanism for an ultimately un-channel-able God. He was there with a genuine desire to tell his story – the story of his brokenness – just so that his story could help others.

He was honest. To me that makes this musician worth listening to.

Not power-house Christianity. Not who wields the voting power in the local congregation. Not which clique you need to belong to, to feel like you are ‘in’ the church. Not how well you have to hide your true self, or how your children need to behave, so everyone will ‘know’ that you are a mature, coping Christian.

Simply this: GRACE.

Check out more of his story of real, amazing grace at and You can also find links to some rewrites he has made to old favourites like ‘Just Let Me Say’, and ‘Refresh My Heart’.

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