‘I’m a published writer!’ The shriek echoes through our house.

No, I haven’t got a book contract with Penguin or Knopf Doubleday – or anyone else for that matter. I am very excited because my blog article ‘I don’t knit!(re-titled ‘Crochet by any other name‘), has been published in Passionate Hookers, a magazine-book put out by Brascoe Publishing.

‘Big deal!’ one might say. ‘If a 350-word reminiscence is what you call published, I was published by my high-school newsletter twenty years ago.’

Highly likely, but bear with me. I have never before been published anywhere, and neither of my high-schools ran to newsletters. There is something extremely seductive (I am getting into the swing of things here) in seeing one’s fallible words in beautifully typeset print. Even more alluringly, this publication has an ISBN! But, most of all, it is immensely satisfying to see an article about a TCK experience make it into a non-TCK publication.

This ‘mook’ is a pleasure to read, with contributions by some creative people with remarkable achievements. Well done Brascoe Books!

Now I just have to land that Harlequin contract for my romance novel. :-)

I’ll leave it to you to work out what Passionate Hookers is all about. 😉 It is quite affordable (AUD 16.50), and can be ordered online at Brascoe Publishing. You can also get a sneak preview at Brascoe Publishing’s web-site http://www.brascoebooks.com.au/. You will need a flash player – most browsers should be equipped with one by default.

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2 Responses to “The degrees of being published”

  1. Awww that is TOO awesome! Thank you for the kind words, and we’re so glad you like it! :)

    And, truly, you have a lot of talent. It was a pleasure to publish your work. Keep it up!


  2. Thanks Leticia!

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