Gaza is on my mind, as I am sure it is for many people. This was going to be a silent post (though how, I don’t know), because I can’t write anything cohesive about it. The situation is complicated. It can be looked at on so many levels, and I fear that no one solution will appease at all those levels. There are the many groups who can lay claim to that area. There are the people, on both sides, who are being killed, maimed, and traumatized by the violence. There are political agreements that have shaped Gaza’s destiny over the years. There are promises that have been made. The responsibility for the creation of the present Gazan situation lies with many groups, even groups that appear disconnected from the situation as it is. Then there is, of course, the religious aspect.

Perhaps ultimately it is not about religion, politics, or even heritage. It is perhaps mostly about people, and how people relate to other kinds of people. It is perhaps about people afraid of trusting others, because they perceive that others, rightly or wrongly, have been untrustworthy. Perhaps it is about perspectives that people have been fed, by ancestors, by neighbours, and anyone else who has fingers in this pie, in order to ensure the survival of something, or some things. Perhaps it is about us all.

I guess this wasn’t a silent post after all.

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